Welcome to Aesthetic Boost – Masterclass for aesthetic doctors!

A two-day Masterclass on Injectables and Energy-based devices in aesthetic medicine!


June 2nd at Ritz Hotel, Paris

Brunch at Ritz and aesthetics vibe in the heart of Paris for better knowledge in your daily practice.

Full day immersive masterclass for facial aesthetics

Combining minimal invasive and surgical procedures to achieve better results for your patients. From fillers and biostimulators combined with energy based devices to minimal invasive surgeries.

Pricing 600 euro. Limited seats available.

Full day immersive masterclass for facial aesthetics with Dr. Elena Martin 

Full immersion hands-on course on Facial aesthetics, Biostimulators, Injectables, Energy based devices and Lipofilling with Dr. Elena Martin.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of facial aesthetics and procedures, improving your knowledge and skills on Biostimulators, Injectables, Energy based devices and Lipofilling techniques. 

A full day intensive programme on how to improve the precision and quality of your techniques, and how to care for your patients both before and after the procedures.

We will study the anatomy of the face together in order to gain a better understanding of the underpinnings and effects of facial procedures.

You will learn to analyse the anatomical features of the patient so as to proceed with accuracy and provide safe and reliable results.

We will work together to study each of the facial treatments, techniques and devices in order to gain a better understanding of the aesthetic possibilities, various techniques and outcomes, as well as contingent problem solving methods.


  • Understanding facial ageing nowadays. Anatomy behind the needle
  • Facial analysis. Diagnosis first
  • Needle or cannula. The science behind for safer procedures and better results
  • To fill or to lift. Galderma portfolio 
  • How to choose the right filler 
  • Injectables techniques in my practice
  • Sculptra and energy based devices
  • Periorbital area treatments. Fillers versus fat
  • Perioral area treatments. Dynamics, gravity and volume loss
  • Lipofilling between regenerative medicine and volume restoration
  • Lipofilling and patient satisfaction 
  • Management of complications. How to avoid and to treat
  • Neck rejuvenation. Fillers. Liposuction. Biostimulators
  • Postoperative protocol for face and neck rejuvenation
  • How to promote your practice on Social media, Google or all.
  • Clinical cases. Round table with the participants 

All information included in this One Day Masterclass will be provided by the leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Elena Martin. 

Dr. Elena Martin

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Elena Martin, plastic surgeon

  • Fellow of EBOPRAS 
  • International member of the American Society of Aesthetics
  • International member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery 
  • International trainer and speaker for Galderma and InMode University
  • Master of Total Body Definer by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

Dr. Elena Martin will be the leading teaching practitioner that will guide you throughout the Aesthetic Boost Masterclass in order to learn, practice and enhance your skills in aesthetic medicine techniques.

She always has the pleasure to teach other doctors, to spread the knowledge with a passion for beauty and aesthetic medicine.

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Join me on a Full day immersive masterclass for facial aesthetics.


The masterclass will take place on 2nd of June. The exact schedule of the masterclass will be announced as soon as possible and, if registered, it will be communicated to you via email.


Aesthetic Boost Masterclass will be hosted in Paris, France. Exclusive location at Ritz Hotel for a luxury experience and full immersion in facial aesthetics. 

Who is it for?

The Aesthetic Boost Masterclasses are dedicated exclusively to dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are looking to improve their knowledge on aesthetic medicine techniques, polish and refine the skills of a versed professional in aesthetic medicine. 

Why do it?

Aesthetic Boost is a multiple focused masterclass that offers you in depth information about medical practices in aesthetics and enhances your skill levels in aesthetic medicine overall. 

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Limited seats available

To reserve your spot, you must pay the registration fee. Non-refundable after 1st of May 2023.

The registration process includes a participant selection to ensure that the difficulty level remains consistent and that all participants progress along the same path.

*Curriculum Vitae is required for participants selection.

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