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Masterclass on integrated approach for periorbital area rejuvenation.


The masterclass is dedicated to studying and mastering on integrated approach for periorbital area rejuvenation.

The focus of the day is to learn and understand the aesthetic enhancement and restoration of the eye area, including the eyelids, eyebrows, and surrounding skin.

An integrated approach involves combining various techniques and treatments to achieve natural-looking and harmonious results.

During the meeting we will talk about

1. Consultation:

* Begin by conducting a thorough consultation with the patient to understand their concerns, expectations, and medical history.
* Assess the periorbital area, taking note of skin quality, volume loss, fine lines, wrinkles, asymmetry, and other signs of aging.

2. Combination of Non-Surgical Treatments:

* Sculptra
* Botulinum Toxin
* Dermal Fillers
* Energy Based Devices
* Laser Resurfacing

3. Surgical approaches:

* Upper Blepharoplasty
* Lower Blepharoplasty
* Brow Lift
* Lipofilling, Nanolipofilling

4. Post-Treatment Care:

* Provide detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure proper healing and optimal results.
* Schedule follow-up appointments to assess the outcome, address any concerns, and plan for maintenance treatments.

You will learn how essential it is to customize the treatment plan according to each patient’s unique needs and expectations, and how to prioritize safety, patient comfort, and natural-looking results while considering the integration of non-surgical and surgical techniques for periorbital area rejuvenation.

Join me on the Masterclass on integrated approach for periorbital area rejuvenation.


The masterclass will take place on 18 November 2023. The exact schedule of the masterclass will be announced as soon as possible and will be communicated to you if registered.


Aesthetic Boost Masterclass will be hosted at The Marmorosch Hotel and at Dr. Elena Martin Clinic, in Bucharest, Romania.

Who is it for?

The Aesthetic Boost Masterclasses are dedicated exclusively to dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are looking to improve their knowledge on aesthetic medicine techniques, polish and refine the skills of a versed professional.

Why do it?

Aesthetic Boost is a multiple focused masterclass that offers you in depth information about medical practices in aesthetics and enhances your skill levels in aesthetic medicine overall.

Its Learn and Practice technique allows you to obtain the necessary information and theory needed in your field and also improve your practical skills and techniques.

At the end of the masterclass you will receive a certification for successfully completing the course and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills.

Dr. Elena Martin, plastic surgeon

* Fellow of EBOPRAS
* International member of the American Society of Aesthetics
* International member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery
* International trainer and speaker for Galderma
* Master of Total Body Definer by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

Dr. Elena Martin will be the leading teaching practitioner that will guide you throughout the Aesthetic Boost Masterclass in order to learn, practice and enhance your skills in aesthetic medicine techniques.

She always has the pleasure to teach other doctors, to spread the knowledge with a passion for beauty and aesthetic medicine.

Join me on a Full day immersive masterclass for integrated approach for periorbital are rejuvenation.

More about Dr. Elena Martin

Aesthetic Boost Schedule
Saturday, 18 November 2023
The Marmorosch Bucharest

Pricing 200 euro.
Last 2 available seats for Aesthetic Boost Meeting.
Exclusive and intensive course
Live injection and treatments from the clinic.

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